Snowy December 2010
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Snowy December 2010

For the build up to the snow scenes shown here, see Snowy November 2010

Christine’s Snowy December pics ,                             Alan’s Snowy December pics

Snowploughing School Road Winteringham

Andrew Button clears School Road ....

Snowploughing School Road Winteringham

.... up the hill, past striding villagers and playing children ....

Snowploughing School Road Winteringham

.... and up past the closed school.

Snowploughing School Road Winteringham

The cleared route, up hill ....

Snowploughing School Road Winteringham

.... and down dale!

Winter Tree


Blocked Driveway




Thermometer at -12

“-12  Who’s a freezing boy then?”

Martyn and Christine in School Road

Christine and Martyn head out into the white blue yonder

I may be a little time!

“I may be a little while!”

There was a car near here ....

I think I left my car somewhere here.

Walk - it's the only way!

Is there a road near here?

Not dashing through the snow

If the gates aren’t lost in the snow, the descending mist will hide them!

Gardening - December style!

That’s the gardening done for today, then.


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