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Winteringham Church Garden Party 1
Winteringham Church Garden Party2
Winteringham Church Garden Party3
Winteringham Church Garden Party4
Winteringham Chapel Sponsored Walk 2004 1
Winteringham Chapel Sponsored Walk 2004 3
Winteringham Church Garden Party5
Winteringham Church Garden Party6

The Church Garden Party at the Old Rectory on Saturday 24th July 2004

Winteringham Chapel Sponsored Walk 2004 2

The Chapel Sponsored Walk on Sunday 25th July 2004


Winteringham Tsunami fundraising1

Winteringham Tsunami fundraising2

Winteringham Tsunami fundraising3

Winteringham Tsunami fundraising4

Winteringham Tsunami fundraising5

The above pictures show the Village Hall ready for a fund-raising event in aid of victims of the Asian Tsunami which struck on Boxing Day 2004.  The event was held on January 29th 2005, and raised almost 700.



Winteringham School Red Node Day 1

Winteringham School Red Node Day 2

Red Nose Day 2005

The Foundation Class and Y1 and Y2 pupils rehearse for their assembly on Red Nose Day, with the theme of Happy Hat Land.  Mrs Wright is at the piano, and Foundation Class teacher Mrs Snowden directs proceedings from the ‘Directors Chair.’

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