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Easter Day Snow!
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The earliest Easter since 1913, occurred in 2008.  After a relatively mild winter in which there was little snow, the residents of Winteringham woke up on Easter Sunday to find the village, the gardens and roads covered with 4 inches of the stuff!  Ken Jacobs and Christine Hammond produced the picturesque photographs of the village shown below...


Easter Sunday snow 2008 - daffodils

Daffodils receive a snowy shock, but hold their heads high!

Easter Sunday snow 2008 - Village Playing Field

The Playing Field at Winteringham - full of virgin snow.

Winteringham Church in the snow on Easter Sunday 2008

Easter Day - but the Church has a traditional Christmas Day appearance.

Easter Sunday snow 2008 - Snow-cat

Snow Cat!

Easter Sunday snow 2008 - Martyn Hammond and Jenny

Martyn Hammond takes Jenny for a walk.

Winteringham's Marsh Lane snow on Easter Sunday

Marsh Lane on Easter Sunday, with not a single car track in sight!

Easter Sunday snow 2008 - Earlsgate Bungalows

Earlsgate bungalows

Winteringham's Nanny Willeys Lane  in the snow

Nanny Willeys, or Shoemaker’s Lane

Easter Sunday snow 2008 - The Maw's House

The Maws’ House on Market Hill

Easter Sunday snow 2008 - Back garden, School Road, Winteringham

Ken’s back garden on School Road Winteringham, with snow adding its emphasis to the horizontal ... and there’s more still on its way!

Easter Sunday snow 2008 - Martyn and Jenny 2

The roofs of Cliff Road add a wintry backcloth to Martyn and Jenny in Winteringham.

Easter Sunday snow 2008 - Winteringham Snowman

This snowman quickly sprang up in School Road, Winteringham.

Western Green, Winteringham

The junction of Western Green, Meggitt Lane, and Nanny Willey’s Lane, looks like a Victorian Christmas card!

Easter Sunday snow 2008 - Southside, Winteringham

Southside in the early morning, as Pam Wells is caught both by the snow, and Ken’s camera!

Easter Sunday snow 2008 - Winteringham School building site

Snow-work today at Winteringham School!  Just as well it’s a public holiday, then!

Easter Sunday snow 2008 - Snowman on Hewde Lane, Winteringham

Hewde Lane’s snowman looks a bit worried by all that sunshine!


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