Diamond Jubilee 2012 - 1
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2012 saw the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II reign.  Celebrations were held all over the country on the weekend of June 2nd-5th as well as in London (NB: The date was of course the 59th anniversary of her coronation).

Here’s Winteringham’s celebrations!



THOMAS (T.J.) 525w 30052012

“TJ” flies the flag in the week before the Big Day!


800w -RIMG0001-20120601-170701

Christine’s “washing” looks very patriotic.

800w -RIMG0004-20120601-170701

Ken had this bright idea about everyone decorating their houses.  And he was leading from the front!

800w -RIMG0006-20120601-170701

Knit one, purl one ......

800w -RIMG0007-20120601-170701

“Thank goodness I didn’t buy a three-storey house!”

800w -RIMG0008-20120601-170701

Another tall order!

On the Saturday, there was a service on “Jubilee Gardens” and afterwards tea and cakes in the Chapel in Low Burgage.

800w - DJ2RIMG0001-20120602-201916

Ralph Fox and his grand-daughter

800w - DJ2RIMG0002-20120602-201916

Just like on Coronation day, the weather wasn’t June-like.

800w - DJ2RIMG0003-20120602-201916


800w - DJ2RIMG0004-20120602-201916


800w - DJ2RIMG0005-20120602-201916


800w - DJ2RIMG0006-20120602-201916



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