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Winteringham Church Window

Below is a copy of the dedication which took place on Sunday 18 May 2003 by the Bishop of Lincoln, the Rt Revd Dr John Saxbee.
' Peter Gunning is remembered with love and respect in this group of parishes and beyond for his ministry during eleven years as vicar. He began the restoration of this window to mark the Millenium here in Winteringham.
John Bratton was a faithful member of this congregation. As a crew member of a Lancaster bomber during the war, John was conscious of the loss and destruction suffered on both sides. The piecing together of the fragments of this window, blown out in an air raid, stood for him as a symbol of the need fpr reparation and reconciliation.'

Winteringham Church Marmion figure


Winteringham Church in the fields
West End and Church - National School

Bishop of Grimsby visits Winteringham

Winteringham Church Bishop of Grimsby
Winteringham Church Bishop of Grimsby 2

The Bishop of Grimsby, the Rt. Rev. David Rossdale visited Winteringham School on the afternoon of 10th February 2005, accompanied by the Rev. Alison Pledger. After, they went on to All Saints Church where he had a very informal meet with some of the parishioners, ending with prayers.

In the evening, he was joined by about 28 parishioners from here and from surrounding villages, for supper at Alkborough Cricket Club.


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